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AISUWRS Résumé de rapport

Project ID: EVK1-CT-2002-00110
Financé au titre de: FP5-EESD
Pays: Australia

Enhanced and debugged UVQ-Model

Urban Volume Quality (UVQ) is a conceptual, daily time step, urban water and contaminant balance model that simulates an integrated urban water system and estimates the contaminant loads and the volume of water flowing throughout the water systems from source to discharge point. As an integrated urban water system it considers the total urban water cycle, comprising the water supply, stormwater and wastewater systems.

The urban water system is defined here to be the delivery of water to residential, commercial, industrial and other users within an urban area, and management of the wastewater and stormwater generated within that same area. UVQ has been designed to provide flexibility in the manner in which water services are represented and provides the ability to represent a wide range of conventional and emerging techniques for providing water supply, stormwater and wastewater services to either an existing urban area or a site which is to be urbanized.

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