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Project ID: QLK5-CT-2000-01377
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-LIFE QUALITY
Paese: Italy

Method to determine epidermal cell adaptation

The following methodology to determine the leaf epidermal cell adaptation to the increasing salt stress levels was set up. At the beginning, before starting with salt stress experiment and at every change of salt concentration we marked last leaf in order to analyse only leaves formed in the following tested salt level. We observed the distension process with daily measurement of lamina length and decided that it could be completed when for five time we found the same value.

So, we picked up these leaves and at once we took away with scotch-tape the hair layer that cover the lower surface sprayed with a commercial removable glue; then, we cover the central middle part of the lower surface with a transparent nail-polish in order to obtain after drying an imprint of it.

Using an image analyse software combined with a light microscope we measured the area surface of stomata and epidermal cells and their density in order to calculate stomata index parameter. For all the tested genotype we found a good correlation with increasing salt stress levels and the reduction of stomata area; so this parameter could be considered a good morphological marker related to salt stress condition in Populus alba species.


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