Forschungs- & Entwicklungsinformationsdienst der Gemeinschaft - CORDIS

Database on phenological, ecophysiological and structural observations of Italian full-sib population of Fagus sylvatica and report on functional diversity and marker-trait association

We used 143 individuals from a F1 beech full-sib family. Two linkage maps (one for each parent) were constructed (see linkage map result). In the same pedigree we investigated the association with genetic markers of several quantitative traits: leaf area, leaf number and shape in 2 different years, specific leaf area, leaf carbon-isotope discrimination and tree height. A composite interval-mapping approach was used to estimate the number of QTLs, the amount of variation explained by each of them, and their position on the genetic linkage maps. Eight QTLs associated with leaf traits were found that explained between 15% and 35% of the trait variation, five on the female map and three on the male map. A database of physiological and morphological parameters has been prepared and is vailable. The idividual oriented parameters describe: maximum transpiration, stomatal conductance, sensitivity to soil drought, phenology, Fv/Fm, nitrogen content and LMA.


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