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OASYS Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: EVG1-CT-2002-00061
Gefördert unter: FP5-EESD
Land: China

Landslide classification

Landslide Classification mainly based on the schemes of U.S A and Italy.
%l1. The U.S.A scheme can be summarized as below:
-Type of Movement:
Falls, Topples, Slides (Rotational/Translational, Few Units/Many Units), Lateral Spreads, Flows, Complex
-Type of Material:
Rock fall, rock topple, rock slump, rock block slide/rock slide, rock spread, rock flow (deep creep), combination of two or more principal types of movement
-Engineering Soils:
Predominantly coarse: Debris fall, debris topple, debris slump, debris block slide/debris slide, debris spread, debris flow, soil creep, combination of two or more principal types of movement
-Predominantly fine: Earth fall, earth topple, earth slump, earth block slide/earth slide, earth spread, earth flow, soil creep, combination of two or more principal types of movement

2.Italy’s scheme has been described by Dr.Alessandro Ghinoi

3.Below is proposed by Cui Zhengquan:
1.Landslides and its Results
-Landslide Deposits(delQ);
2.Collapse and its Results
-Collapse Deposits(colQ);
3.Slide and Collapse(Mixing type) and its Results
4.Fall-slip and its Results
-Fall-slip Deposits(fsQ)(a new concept);
5.Fall-down and its Results
-Fall-down Deposits(fdQ)
6.Tipping-crash and its Results
-Tipping-crash Deposits(tpQ)(a new concept);
7.Deformable Body or Deformable Realm ,include Creep(dfQ);
8.Slip-flow and its Deposits
-Slip-flow Deposits(sfQ)(a new concept);
9.Debris-laden Flow and its Results
-Debris-laden Flow Deposits(dlfQ).

The OASYS’s classification scheme to be produced by the combination of those three schemes as mentioned above.

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