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Project ID: G1ST-CT-2002-50310
Gefördert unter: FP5-GROWTH
Land: Belgium

Degradation efficiency of VM

Ring burrs and grass seeds have been treated with commercial cellulase (Econase CE), xylanases (Ecopulp X 200, Ecopulp TX-200 C) and pectinase (Pectinex 3 XL) products alone and in combinations. The degradation of vegetable material has been monitored by measuring reducing sugars and soluble carbohydrate content of the treatment solution as well as weight loss of the material.

The effect of cutinase and lipase in combination with pectinase, xylanase and cellulose on the weight loss of grass seeds was evaluated. Treatment with lipase or cutinase in combination with cellulase, pectinase and xylanase increased weight loss as compared with cellulase-pectinase-xylanase combination. 10% weight loss was obtained with the combination in this lab scale treatment.

The reactivity of peroxidase and laccase alone and in combination with different mediators towards ring burrs was determined by measuring residual peroxide (peroxidase) and oxygen consumption (laccase) and by measuring weight loss of the material and abs 280 of the treatment liquid. Reactivity of peroxidase towards VM was detected as an increase in peroxide consumption and weight loss of the burrs. Slight increase in weight loss of the laccase + NHA mediator treated material and in abs 280 was detected suggesting removal of lignin.


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