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Project ID: IST-2001-32243
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-IST
País: Cyprus

GridBench: A software workbench and benchmark suite for Grid

GridBench is a tool for evaluating the performance of Grids and Grid resources through benchmarking. It facilitates the easy definition of parameterized execution of benchmarks on the Grid, while at the same time allowing for archival and retrieval of results and the creation of customized charts from these results.

GridBench comprises a framework of tools and a suite of benchmarks. The tools provide a user-friendly graphical interface for defining, executing and administrating benchmarks upon the resources of a Virtual Organization (VO), as well as for browsing results. Additionally, it provides tools for archiving and analysing results through the easy construction of custom graphs.

GridBench leverages new and existing benchmarks from the HPC community. New Benchmarks complement the tried and respected HPC benchmarks, that have been adapted to run the Grid.

GridBench can be used by Grid-infrastructure administrators to assess the performance and functionality of their resources. It can also be used by application developers and end-users who want to rank available resources and decide where to submit their jobs.

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