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Project ID: IST-2001-32243
Financé au titre de: FP5-IST

Santa-G - Grid monitoring tool

The SANTA-G NetTracer is a demonstrator of the SANTA-G framework. SANTA-G is a generic framework that was developed to support information sources that generate a large amount of data at a very fast rate in a form unsuitable for direct insertion to a Grid monitoring system. It does this by allowing direct access to the data through the Grid information system.

The NetTracer demonstrates this by allowing users to access log files stored in libcap (a network packet capture library) format through the EU DataGrid’s (EDG) Relational Grid Monitoring Architecture (R-GMA) monitoring and information system. Examples of tools that generate logs in this format are Tcpdump, and Snort (a network intrusion detection system). It is aimed at system administrators for network traffic analysis across multiple sites within a Grid, and also for performance analysis. It is also intended to use the SNORT functionality of the NetTracer to construct a Grid-wide intrusion detection system.

The added benefit of this tool is that it illustrates to those that wish to employ ad-hoc non-invasive monitoring how they can now construct it using this generic grid-enabled framework, e.g. grid sysadmins wishing to monitor the security of sites within the grid infrastructure.

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