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Project ID: G5RD-CT-2000-00282
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-GROWTH
País: Netherlands

Development and production of CaP ceramic scaffolds with improved bioresorbability properties

CAM Implants initially provided a macroporous calcium phosphate (CaP) ceramic scaffold with interconnective pore structure and high porosity to support bone culture growth and allow bioreactor development as well as dynamic bone culture development.

During the project CAM Implants improved their existing scaffold by optimising:
- Porosity, pore size and pore-wall-thickness;
- CaP phase distribution, trace metals content and degree of carbonation, as well as
- Cell adhesion, osteoclastic resorbability and surface topography in order to obtain a biodegradable second generation scaffold.

Those improved scaffolds were made available to the project partners.

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CAM Implants BV
Zernikedreef 6
2333 CL Leiden
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