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WOOD-RISK Informe resumido

Project ID: QLK4-CT-2000-00573
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-LIFE QUALITY
País: Finland

WOODEX/WOODRISK database on occupational wood dust exposure and health effects

The basic data and final estimates of occupational exposure to inhalable wood dust by country, industry, the level of exposure and type of wood dust in 25 member states of the European Union (EU-25) have been compiled into the WOODEX database currently available on CD. The database is to be accessible over the internet as a combined WOODEX/WOODRISK database (International Information System on Occupational Exposure and Health Effects of Wood Dust) containing also relevant scientific literature data (summaries) on health effects of wood dust exposure. The WOODEX data have been distributed via the network of national contact person created during the course of the Project.


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