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PIGBIODIV2 Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: QLK5-CT-2002-01059
Gefördert unter: FP5-LIFE QUALITY
Land: United Kingdom

DNA bank: European and Chinese breeds

A unique DNA bank of 120 European and Chinese pig breeds has been collected. The 60 European breeds include commercial lines derived from the Large White, Landrace, Duroc, Pietrain and Hampshire as well as a large number of local or traditional breeds. Chinese breeds represent the full geographic and phenotypic range of diversity present in China. The number of animals sampled per breed is between 30-50 and includes both males and females.

The Chinese DNA is banked in at the China Agricultural University, Jiangxi Agricultural University and Huazhong Agricultural University in China and European DNA is banked at the Roslin Institute (Edinburgh, UK) and INRA (Toulouse, France). The DNA is potentially available for further use and collaboration outside the project. Requests should be submitted to the contact person listed.


Chris HALEY, (Principal Investigator in Genetics and Genomics)
Tel.: +44-1315-274200
Fax: +44-1314-400434
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