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Project ID: Q5RS-CT-2002-01192
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-LIFE QUALITY
País: United Kingdom

Atlantic halibut microarray

A microarray was constructed using:
(i) Approximately 1152 clones from subtractive libraries enriched in sequences up or down-regulated at metamorphosis and (ii) 480 clones randomly picked from a non-normalised cDNA library prepared from metamorphsosing larvae.

High quality sequence data has been obtained for 970 of the arrayed clones. This shows some redundancy siuch that the entire array is estimated to represent 500-600 genes. Database seaching using the sequences generated has allowed identification of 296 of the arrayed genes. Preliminary screening of the microarray has been successful indicating that it is suitable for high throughput analysis of gene expression. Thus it might be used to analyse how changes in diet or other aspects of culture affects the expression of a large panel of genes.


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