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TALISMAN Report Summary

Project ID: Q5CR-2002-70849
Funded under: FP5-LIFE QUALITY
Country: United Kingdom

Protocols and know-how - feeding regime and depuration of DSP in Mussels

Protocols and know-how - feeding regime and depuration of DSP in Mussels

During the project replicated experiments were conducted, which indicated that a type of feeding regime could be applied to mussels contaminated with DSP (algal toxin). These results were statistically significant.

The feeding regime accelerated the normal depuration process of the mussels which could enable them to go to market 2 - 3 weeks earlier. This could lead to an economic advantage at times of high demand, but where normal harversting would not be possible due to the failure of end product standard due tocontamination.

The extra value of the harvested mussels would have to be offset in part by the extra cost in providing the sytem to depurate the mussels plus the algal concentrate.

The best use of the result may be for grouped depuration centres to operate on-shore tank based sytems where the feed regime can be administered and the end product standard monitored - prior to distribution of a safe product.

Effective and widespread dissemination of this method should be undertaken, throughout the industry, for this result.


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