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MIRACLES Report Summary

Project ID: 11953
Funded under: FP5-GROWTH
Country: Italy

The TDMS (Traffic Demand Management Strategies) system

It has been performed an environmental analysis of Traffic Demand Management Strategies (TDMS) with mapping of the air pollutant concentration levels, by means of an information technology system including simulation models, traffic-emission-dispersion model.

This task performs:
Step 1: Reconstruction and description of real-time traffic flows (5 ) and speed on the primary network for the whole Miracles Laboratory Area;

Step 2: near real time description of traffic, pollutant emission and pollutant concentrations with grid maps on the Laboratory Area. An hourly description of emissions and concentrations of CO, Benzene and PM will be provided on the area with a detailed spatial resolution

Step 3: Simulations on the expected benefits coming from MIRACLES TDMS both in transportation and environmental analysis. The scenario module has to provide the analysis of the expected benefits coming from MIRACLES TDMS on transport and environment. In fact the scenario module allows comparing traffic situation and atmospheric pollution before and post MIRACLE TDMS application allowing a quantitative analysis of impacts.


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