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ESDN Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: QLG1-CT-2001-02188
Gefördert unter: FP5-LIFE QUALITY
Land: United Kingdom

Provision of a DNA diagnostic service for skeletal dysplasias

We have developed a broad panel of genetic tests for skeletal dysplasias. This is the largest comprehensive set of molecular tests in the world for skeletal diseases and continues to be used by clinicians from around the world. During the course of the project testing was provided free (through the EU funding), however testing is now charged for, which will allow long term sustainability.

In total ESDN partners provide DNA testing of 23 genes which can cause 32 different skeletal diseases.


Michael WRIGHT, (Clinical Director)
Tel.: +44-1912-418758
Fax: +44-1912-418666
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