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NANOPHOS Report Summary

Project ID: IST-2001-39112
Funded under: FP5-IST
Country: Israel

Modification of Au NPs with specific receptors for detection of target analytes

Nanoparticle (NP) layers sensitive to organic vapors were prepared using tetraoctyammonium bromide-stabilized Au NPs.

Sensitivity to specific analytes was achieved using two approaches:

- Composite Au NPs - polymer layer; transmission localized surface plasmon resonance (T-LSPR) spectroscopy of Au NPs - polystyrene layers showed specific sensitivity to vapors of good solvents of the polymer.

- Modification of the Au NPs' stabilizing shell with an additional ligand; the stabilizing shell of Au NPs was modified with organic ligands bearing bishydroxamic acid groups. Multilayers of functionalized Au NPs were constructed via coordination binding of Zr(IV) with bishydroxamatic acid ligands. T-LSPR spectroscopy of coordination-bound Au NP multilayers showed specific changes after exposure to vapors of organic solvents in which the functional ligands show high solubility. Coordination binding of Au NPs presents a general scheme allowing incorporation of molecules and functional groups with specific sensitivity to target vapor analytes.


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