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CD43 , leukosialin expression leads to accumulation of p53

CD43 or leukosialin is a trans-membrane sialoglycoprotein, whose extra-cellular domain participates in cell adhesiveness and the cytoplasmic tail regulates a variety of intracellular signal transduction pathways involved in cell proliferation. CD43 is abundantly expressed on the surface of hematopoietic cells, but CD43 expression is also frequently found in the tumour cells of nonhematopoietic origin. In the early stages of some tumours, the accumulation of tumour suppressor protein p53 has been described. Partner 15 has now shown that the expression of CD43 causes the induction of functionally active p53 protein. Moreover, they found that the activation of p53 by CD43 is mediated by tumour suppressor protein ARF.


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