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Project ID: QLG4-CT-2001-01081
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-LIFE QUALITY
Kraj: United Kingdom

EPOS Client Service Receipt Inventory (CSRI)

The EPOS Client Service Receipt Inventory (EPOS-CSRI, Knapp M, Beecham J, Heinimaa M, Dingemans P, Patterson P, Graf von Reventlow H, Ruhrmann S; London: London School of Economics, 2003) is an interview for the assessment of health care service receipt, direct and indirect costs of illness, and cost-effectiveness of interventions.

The EPOS-CSRI has been developed on the basis of the Client Sociodemographic and Service Receipt Inventory (CSSRI-EU, Chisholm D, Knapp M, Knudsen H, et al., BJP 2000) used in research on schizophrenia, as well as a systematic review of literature and collection of treatment settings, modalities and interventions available in the participating regions (Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, UK).

Adapted and enriched according to the special requirements, the CSRI allows for the comprehensive collection of client service receipt in early recognition and intervention, especially in psychoses.

Potential end-users are psychiatric, psychological or public health investigators engaged in early psychosis. As the main benefit, the EPOS CSRI provides a special assessment for psychosis prevention purposes and additionally allows cost-benefit analyses across different national health care systems.


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