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Project ID: QLG4-CT-2001-01081
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-LIFE QUALITY
País: Germany

Early recognition and intervention infrastructure

EPOS early recognition and intervention infrastructure (EPOS Group, 2001 - 2006) consisting of 6 professional units with notable numbers of professionals with expertise in current standards of scientific and clinical practise and extensive regional networks in 4 European regions.

This basic infrastructure is supplemented by a multi-level interfacing with other national and international specialized centres, networks, further research and health care policy lines taking into account the respective regional needs and healthcare structures.

More early recognition and intervention in psychosis units have already been established in most participating regions (6 in the UK, 3 in The Netherlands, 1 in Germany), similar developments in other EU-countries (e.g. Denmark, Greece, Italy, Spain) have been supported or supervised by members of the consortium.

Besides instigating further national collaborative studies in the participating regions (e.g. the Finish DEEP study, the Dutch Prediction of Psychosis Study (DUPS), the UK MRC PsyGRID network, the German 'Prevent' study), non-EU collaborations have also been fostered and maintained (e.g. with partners in Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, USA), resulting in planning for a large-scale international intervention study (NEURAPRO).

Potential end-users are governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations, clinicians and researchers in the areas of mental health care and policy. As the main benefit, the acquired know-how will help to implement and sustain early detection and prevention programmes adapted to European and non-European mental health care systems and the needs of the help-seeking individuals.


Joachim KLOSTERKOETTER, (Dean of Medical Faculty. Head of Department. Professor of Ps)
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