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ProViz molecular network visualisation tool

ProViz is a protein-protein interaction graphs visualisation tool. It uses the Tulip library to display graphs.

Load and save graphs in Tulip and PSI-mi formats
Efficient and fast navigation through the graphs
Uses Ontologies described in XML format
Clustering and exploration tools
Multiple views of the same graph, each view may be filtered
Possibility to annotate each node and each edge with a comment

Biologist who wishes to explore interaction graphs between biomolecules. These graphs can be produced by database search, conversion of PSI files, computation (predictive method). ProViz provides facilities to navigate through large graphs and biologically relevant exploration functions.

ProViz is developed for the IntAct project by the LaBRI, Bordeaux, France. Contact: David Sherman. Web:

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David SHERMAN, (Group Leader)
Tel.: +33-5-533
Fax: +33-5-533