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Methodological development

Case study research provides good insights into rural cooperation in CEECs

Altogether seven case studies were completed by subcontractors from six Central and Eastern European Countries. Each subcontractor analyses in detail the history, successes and problems of a rural cooperation project in his/her country. The reports provide an excellent basis for comparative and/or more focussed research into the topic of rural cooperation. Furthermore, the reports in the current form build a very valuable source of information on particular cases.

The case study reports produced in WP3 are available for download on the IDARI website.

One paper based on the case study in Slovakia, entitled "Shifting Governance. Managing the Commons: The Case of Slovensky Raj National Park" by Tatiana Kluvankova-Oravska and Veronika Chobotova, has been published in the journal Sociologia 38, 2006, c. 3

A special issue of a journal may be produced, pooling papers that will be produced by the subcontractors based on their case studies. The paper on main result 1 could also be contained in this special issue.


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