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Project ID: FIGH-CT-2002-00217
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-EAECTP C
Paese: Spain

The Halosperm® kit to determine sperm DNA fragmentation

A simple and reliable procedure is now available, as a kit, to determine sperm DNA fragmentation. The integrity of sperm DNA is indeed being recognized as a new parameter of semen quality and a potential fertility predictor. However, it was not so far assessed as a routine part of semen analysis. A new improved technique to determine sperm DNA fragmentation has been established for human spermatozoa, being called the Sperm Chromatin Dispersion (SCD) test. This is a simple, fast, accurate and highly reproducible method for the analysis of sperm DNA fragmentation. It may be confidently estimated under the conventional bright-field microscope. Moreover, different degrees of DNA-nuclear damage can be detected as well as the discrimination of sperm nucleoids from other cell types.

Unlike other procedures, the SCD test can be used without the requirement of complex or expensive instrumentation. However, if desired, it could be visualized with automation. Finally, laboratory technicians can easily, quickly and reliably assess the test endpoints. Therefore, the improved SCD test could allow the routine screening of sperm DNA fragmentation in the basic andrology laboratory. This new technique is commercialised as a kit under the name Halosperm. Besides its application in the semen quality assessment and infertility studies, it has been demonstrated that ionising radiation exposure increases the frequency of spermatozoa with fragmented DNA, even for several months after the exposure. Biological dosimetry using this new parameter could be easily accomplished performing the SCD procedure.

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