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Two Peer-Reviewed publications have resulted, and 3 other publications have already been submitted. In addition, 2 PhD theses and one MSc thesis were completed as the result of this project.

Publications (submitted for review):
Higgins, RM, B.S. Danilowicz, JA. Balbuena, AK. Daníelsdóttir, AJ. Geffen, WG. Meijer, J Modin, FE. Montero, C Pampoulie, D Perdiguero, A Schreiber, MÖ. Stefánsson, & B Wilson. Multivariate Fingerprints Reveal the Harvest Location of Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua). Marine Ecology Progress Series.

Pampoulie C., Jörundsdóttir Þ. D., Steinarsson A., Pétursdóttir G., Stefánsson M. Ö & Daníelsdóttir A. K., submitted. Genetic and growth rate comparisons of farmed and wild Icelandic populations of Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua L.). Aquaculture.

Pampoulie, C., Stefánsson, MO, Jörundsdóttir, TD, Danilowicz BS & Daníelsdóttir, AK. Recolonisation history and large scale dispersal in the open sea: Evidence from the North Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua L. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.

PhD thesis:
Higgins, Ruth. Optimising classification analyses for the traceability of individual fish within the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean. Department of Zoology, University College Dublin, Ireland. 2002-2006.

Perdiguero-Alonso, Diana. Parasite communities of cod in European waters: use as indicators of harvest location. University of Valencia, Spain. 2003-2007.

MSc Thesis:
Nkambo, Mujibi 2006 -Assessing welfare and condition in farmed fish (Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua) using otoliths and body morphology- MSc, Department of Biology, University of Bergen

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