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AMBIO Report Summary

Project ID: 11827
Funded under: FP6-NMP
Country: Poland

AMBIO - Advanced Nanostructured Surfaces for the Control of Biofouling

Ship Design and Research Center S.A. was responsible within the Ambio project for a scope of hydrodynamic tests of newly elaborated nanostructured anti-fouling coatings. The objectives concerned: the main surface characteristics of selected coated surfaces, the investigated surface ranking with respect to their hydrodynamics merits, recommendations for fuel saving applications and their surface characterisation and the hydrodynamic testing methodsdevelopment.
In order to achieve these targets, a series of testing samples was elaboreted and respective technical documentation manufactured. There were elaborated such samples as big flat plates, axisymmetric bodies, small flat plates and hydrofoils.
For testing these samples, special testing rigs at the model basin of CTO were developed and equipped for drag measurements.
The manufactured samples were coated with newly elaborated coatings received from project partners. The substrates were done of mild steel and aluminium alloys. On each sample there were applied four layers: shop primer,,anticorrosive, tie- and topcoats.
In scope of topcoats six new types of new coatings and two reference ones were applied.For painting purposes the special painting stands were designed and manufactured.In majority of layers the airless spray technique was used; the rest was painted with use of a roller. The painted samples were a subject of coatings thickness and roughness measurements.
The fully coated samples were a subject of the drag investigations. The scope of tests was chosen in the way so as to achieve turbulent flow along the coated surfaces and as high as possible Reynolds numbers. The received results have shown that some of newly elaborated coatings have better hydrodynamic properties than the presently used commercial ones.The results made also possible to rank all the tested coatings and to elaborate due recommendations for the possible applications and future experiments. It has resulted from these investigations that use of this new coatings on new ships can significantly reduce propulsive power demands and will make these ships more friendly to the natural environment.

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