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POLARIS Report Summary

Project ID: 11994
Funded under: FP5-GROWTH
Country: Spain

Electronic resources on European satellite navigation system Galileo

Polaris is a software tool that will provide a link between the Galileo system design and users. Polaris analyses navigation performances and includes a graphing utility with an interface to an internal GIS application. Polaris is divided in five subsystems: the graphical user interface (GUI), a program core, the GIS subsystem, the GNSS subsystem and the user application subsystem. The GIS subsystem will provide users access to a GIS database. This database needs 3D maps. However nowadays 3D maps are very expensive and for the purpose of Polaris such realistic maps are not necessary. In fact, this situation can be override by leaving the user create 3D maps from 2D realistic maps. Actually, the 3D environments tool shall be developed in order to create such 3D maps.

This SUM will help any user to effectively work with the 3D environments tool and to get a better knowledge of all the functionalities provided by the system.

Polaris work package 5 - assessment & analysis had the major objective of managing and coordinating the following activities:

1. Exploitation of the tool, to support market activities, design activities and also to collect feedback from the users of the tool to improve the tool's design;

2. Promotion of the tool by translating the results of the exploitation activities into video animations, easily understood by potential users and service providers. These promotional tasks do not aim to promote only the tool but also the use of the Galileo system including the global, regional and local components. The deliverables for this work package are an assessment & analysis executive summary, together with management and progress reports compiled throughout the work package's duration. Strong emphasis has been placed on assuring an effective way to distribute input and output data within the different tasks covered by this work package. As well as maintaining an efficient level of distribution within this work package, it is expected to extend that efficient data distribution to all other level 1 work packages and in particular work packages 3 & 4.

The assessment & analysis executive summary will contain definitions, results and conclusions drawn from the following tasks:

- a Definition of the major objectives to be achieved within the frame of work package 5;
- a summary of the key outputs produced in the frame of this work package;
- conclusions from the analysis of the results obtained.

The Polaris 3D environment tool is split in four major functionalities:

- file functionalities
- 2D functionalities
- 3D functionalities
- drawing functionalities,

which can be directly accessed via the menu horizontal toolbar after entering the Polaris 3D environments tool.

Operations, from within these functionalities are then called via pop menus or shortcuts (pressing the 'ALT' key together with the one underlined in the correspondent pop menu option). Some operations are also accessible via the iconic horizontal toolbar.

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