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NESSI-SOFT Report Summary

Project ID: 034359
Funded under: FP6-IST
Country: France

Support for networked European software and service initiative

The NESSI mission is to develop a visionary strategy for software and services driven by a common European Research Agenda, where innovation and business strengths are reinforced by:
- Providing European Industry and the Public Sector with efficient services and software infrastructures to improve flexibility, interoperability and quality;
- Mastering complex software systems and their provision as service oriented utilities;
- Establishing the technological basis, the strategies and deployment policies to speed up the dynamics of the services eco-system;
- Developing novel technologies, strategies and deployment policies that foster openness, through the increased adoption of open standards and open source software as well as the provision of open services;
- Fostering safety, security and the well-being of citizens by means of new societal applications, enhanced efficiency of industry and administrations, and competitive jobs; hence transforming the European economy into a knowledge-based economy and enabling the European software and IT services industry to attain a stronger global position. NESSI operates in the context of a wide continuum of information and communication technologies, and envisages close collaboration with other global research initiatives.

Over the next decade, every electronic device will incorporate interaction capabilities supporting the provision of services to both devices and people within continuously changing scenarios, addressing specific business needs and situations in a continuum which de-facto defines a new global system. This new system is no longer purely computer-based, nor is it focused mainly on exchanging information. On the contrary, ICT will increasingly play a role to dynamically support the operations of businesses and the everyday life of citizens in a seamless and natural fashion. Key properties underlying this evolution include openness, scalability, dynamicity and proactiveness, uncoordinated governance and the absence of central control, limited predictability. This evolution is mirrored by the move to distribute solutions not as single software environments but as services – an evolution in which Europe aims to play a major role to evolve towards an Internet of Services. It is with this shared vision that European Technology Platform NESSI was launched in September 2005. Three years later, NESSI is promoted by 22 industrial and academic partners and a community of 500 members from 300 organisations.
From its initial vision, NESSI has achieved major results:
Elaboration of a NESSI Strategic Research Agenda;
NEXOF concept : the NESSI Open Service Framework;
Strategic projects identification and the design of NEXOF contribution process to gather the widest possible support towards its delivery;
Application scenarios elaboration;
Working groups organisation on services adoption, technology or applications.

The most important focus of NESSI is the delivery of NEXOF, the NESSI Open Service Framework. The framework includes many different areas, which are defined in the successive volumes of the SRA, with:
- The NEXOF conceptThe Research structure
- Projects ideas
- Project collaboration

The NESSI Office was set up in Brussels and provides a central point to support and inform all NESSI members and interested parties. It covers the entire NESSI initiative, and handles many activities key to sustaining the momentum of the NESSI Communities and their coordination including:
- Providing central, updated and timely information to all, using and providing Web site, mailing lists robots, wikis.
- Managing Membership and partnership process: Handling the membership process, through an end-to-end procedure
- Supporting Committee and working groups: Coordinating the information flow between NESSI entities, from Working Groups to Committees and between the different on-going research areas
- Supporting the Board and Steering Committee: Preparing background information to the NESSI Board and Steering Committee to allow these bodies to take well informed decisions
- Contributing to Communication tasks: Organising NESSI events, participating to external events, supporting design, printing flyers
- Providing logistics services (meeting hosting, IT services)

The NESSI Office offers a whole range of services which are defined according to available resources provided by NESSI-Soft, by the NESSI partners and aligned to instructions given by the Board. An Office Assessment has been performed using the results of a probe, Key Performance Indicators and, for the final report, a budget critical analysis. IT services are provided through a web site, mailing lists and a WIKI.

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