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SPANAMICO Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: 7362
Gefördert unter: FP6-MOBILITY
Land: United Kingdom

Final Activity Report Summary - SPANAMICO (Spatial distribution of N processes and microbial communities in arable soils at micro- and nano- scales)

The aim of SPANAMICO was to improve our understanding on how the soils three-dimensional chemical and physical matrix regulates nitrogen (N) cycling within the soil and from the soil to water and air.

The main objective was to understand the direct importance of the soils' three-dimensional matrix on the regulation of microorganisms involved in denitrification, nitrification and nitrogen immobilisation. A major obstacle in the progress of understanding N processes in soils was the lack of techniques of adequate sensitivity and resolution for data collection that was necessary to further our understanding of such processes at relevant scales, i.e. nano-scales and micro-scales at which soil processes were mediated, as well as to integrate an understanding of the structural heterogeneity of the soil physical and chemical environment with the ecological function of microbial communities.

The Marie Curie fellow focussed her research on method development for nano-scale secondary ion mass spectrometry (nanoSIMS) within the soil discipline. This research resulted in the first-ever demonstration that soil could be analysed using nanoSIMS. Therefore, this innovative approach allowed access to a minute soil universe which hitherto eluded the study of interactions therein.


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