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C-INTRAVITAL Streszczenie raportu

Project ID: 8873
Źródło dofinansowania: FP6-MOBILITY
Kraj: Netherlands

Final Activity Report Summary - C-INTRAVITAL (Analyzing the role of complement in antigen trafficking using intravital microscopy)

The immune system continuously faces the challenge of fighting potentially harmful micro-organisms without mounting responses to the human body. These immune responses are orchestrated in lymphoid organs, which are localised at strategic positions in the body. Lymphoid organs bring together cells from the immune system and proteins from micro-organisms in a highly organised and strictly controlled manner.

The details of this process remain incompletely understood. In recent years, multi-photon intravital microscopy (MP-IVM) made important contributions to the elucidation of mechanisms of immune regulation in lymph nodes.

In the current project we used MP-IVM to study the role of complement in antigen trafficking in lymph nodes. This enabled us to identify a novel mechanism of antigen transport into the beta cell (ß-cell) areas of the lymph node via a system of very fine channels, named conduits. We were able to demonstrate that antigen transport via conduits resulted in rapid activation of ß-cells and display of the antigen on the surface of specialised stromal cells. During the crucial first hours after exposure to pathogens, antigen transport via conduits could therefore be an important mechanism to facilitate the initiation of an immune response to the pathogen as rapidly as possible. The presence of conduits in the ß-cell area of the lymph node had implications for vaccination strategies.


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