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AMBIGUOUS PAST Streszczenie raportu

Project ID: 515050
Źródło dofinansowania: FP6-MOBILITY
Kraj: Italy

Final Activity Report Summary - AMBIGUOUS PAST (The ambiguous past: cultural representations of Nazism and their reception by postwar audiences)

Being a German historian it has been my main objective to finish my Habilitationsschrift (my second monograph), to publish in my fields of expertise, and make myself better known through conference attendances in order to be able to successfully apply for a full professorship in Europe. All objectives have been achieved. My Habilitationsschrift entitled 'Beschämende Bilder. Deutsche Reaktionen auf alliierte Dokumentarfilme über befreite Konzentrationslager' ('Shameful Images: German Responses to Allied Documentaries on Liberated Concentration Camps'( has been submitted to the Technical University of Berlin.

In addition, I wrote and published several articles, participated in various workshops, conferences, and colloquia, and organised an international workshop myself. Right now several of my applications are under review by search committees. In many respects, I as well as my work have profited immensely from the opportunity to spend two years in the inspiring international community of scholars at the European University Institute at Florence.

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