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Project ID: 509136
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP6-INCO
Paese: United Kingdom

Final Report Summary - TRITIMED (Exploiting the wheat genome to optimise water use in Mediterranean ecosystems)

The overall scope of the TRITIMED project was to develop a network on governance, science and technology for sustainable water resource management in the Mediterranean.

Different issues were targeted during the project including:

1. adoption of improved crops' varieties and policy measures and impacts' assessment.
2. profitability of national research programmes
3. modelling durum wheat producers as a tool to evaluate the impact of improved varieties and specific policy measures
4. reinforcing the connection between researchers and policy makers
5. genders' consideration regarding grain quality.

The undertaken socioeconomic studies contributed to the recognition of the importance of social sciences in developing sound recommendations such as adoption, economic impact and farmer's opinion regarding durum varieties.

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