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SELAMAT Informe resumido

Project ID: 506386
Financiado con arreglo a: FP6-FOOD
País: Netherlands

Final Report Summary - SELAMAT (Safety enhancement of edible products, legislation, analysis and management, with ASEM countries, by mutual training & research)

The ultimate aim of the SELAMAT project was to create a network for international cooperation on food safety issues between Europe and the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). The network focused on:
- promoting European and Asian collaboration on food safety issues;
- contributing to the opening up of the European Research Area;
- mobilising the European and Asian Research Communities to support communities and Asian foreign and development policies;
- developing a common research agenda and promoting joint initiatives.

Subjects of mutual interest with regard to research, development, training and trade were:
1) certification and normalisation (i.e. open exchange of methods, new detection methods, risk assessment);
2) sustainable production systems for food safety (i.e. unintended effects, public perception transparency);
3) trade issues (i.e. market stability, traceability).

The SELAMAT network organised one workshop and training course on food safety per year; it evaluated the food safety research agenda in an international perspective; it developed a web-based help desk for food standards and shared information concerning the national food monitoring and surveillance data.

Amongst the results was the fact that food safety issues were similar amongst ASEM countries and had many similar elements with European related issues. Issues raised concerned the infrastructure (reconstruction of food safety management system, modernisation of lab services, development of reference laboratory, training for inspectors), communication (food safety campaign, national centre for food safety alert and response), partnerships, import / export (complying with importing country requirements, changing food regulations, traceability). Moreover, consumer perception, communication and education of the general public and of other stakeholders were identified as an important prerequisite to enhance the food safety standard in any country.

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