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HAMMAM Streszczenie raportu

Project ID: 517704
Źródło dofinansowania: FP6-INCO
Kraj: Austria

Final Report Summary - HAMMAM (Hammam, aspects and multidisciplinary methods of analysis for the Mediterranean region)

The ultimate aim of the HAMMAM project was to develop strategies and scenarios for the safeguard, revitalisation and adaptive re-use of historic Islamic public baths or hammams as important social spaces and facilities within the contemporary and future conditions of Mediterranean Islamic cities. The sustainability-oriented strategies for the adaptive revitalisation of hammams in Mediterranean countries aimed to improve their role as places of cultural heritage that serve both the local communities and tourists. It may serve as an example of good practice for the neighbourhood and a pilot for hygiene, for healthy food in the neighbourhood and for ecologically sound restoration practices and management. This may be inspiring for other cities and countries.

The study highlighted the possibility of maintaining and re-valorising the hammam as a cultural heritage site full of architectural, technological, historical and social values, adapting it to the necessities of contemporary life linked to comfort, gender issues and management; a result that concerned different stakeholder groups like city administrations, Waqf, dwellers and hammam staff, as well as possible donors. The future scenarios take into consideration the requirements of the local stakeholders and dwellers in order to develop the hammam into a sustainable resource for the urban neighbourhood and the city.

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