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GWING Résumé de rapport

Project ID: 39194
Financé au titre de: FP6-MOBILITY
Pays: Germany

Final Activity and Management Report Summary - GWING (Mechanisms and consequences of iNKT cell stimulation by glycolipid antigens from Sphingomonas bacteria)

Invariant NKT (iNKT) cells are a unique subset of T lymphocytes that rapidly produce copious amounts of cytokines following activation, impacting a dazzling variety of different immune reactions. Sphingomonas sp. were the first bacteria known to contain natural antigens for iNKT cells, as measured by the induction of iNKT cell effector functions. We could demonstrate that Sphingomonas sp. are readily found in the environment and are commensal bacteria of the intestinal microbiota.

This microbiota contributed to the activated state and high degree of responsiveness of iNKT cells. Similar, environmental iNKT cell antigens were present in house dust and this house dust could induce airway hyper-reactivity in an animal model in an iNKT cell dependent manner. These data demonstrate that iNKT cell antigens, most likely derived from bacteria, are far more widely dispersed in the environment than previously anticipated and could be involved in auto-immune diseases in the intestine and the lung.


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