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WATERNORM Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: 3163
Gefördert unter: FP6-MOBILITY
Land: Poland

Final Activity Report Summary - WATERNORM (Monitoring and mitigation of mine water impact in Upper Silesia region - Increasing of research and development potential in Central Mining Institute)

The project focused on the following topic "Monitoring and mitigation of mine water impact in Upper Silesia region - increasing of research and development potential in Central Mining Institute". The project has been financed by EU within FP6 as an international co-operation project, within the frame of Marie Curie Host Fellowships for the Transfer of Knowledge - ToK. The main reasons that the Central Mining Institute applied for such a project were following:
Due to EU policy research and development should be performed in outstanding units, therefore we wanted to improve quality of our investigations by co-operation with renown scientists and transfer of knowledge among twining centres.
Central Mining Institute wanted to increase its ability for international co-operation.
The WATERNORM project has been prepared in that way to effectively use obtained resources for recruitment of foreign scientists and for training own scientists in partner institutes.
25 scientists were recruited to participate in research activities and for training of Polish colleagues in the Central Mining Institute in the period 2004-2008. Within the same period 12 Polish scientists have been sent abroad for training in twinning centres.

Main priorities of the project were as follows:
I. Hydrogeological hazards, caused by mining.
II. Prevention of radioactive contamination of the natural environment, caused by release of mine waters.
III. Protection of surface waters in mining areas.
IV. Modern methods of environmental monitoring in mining areas.
V. Technologies of waste disposal and re-use.
VI.Interdisciplinary investigations and supporting measures.

Important milestones of the Project:
participation of foreign experts in research and development activities in the Central Mining Institute.
Training, received by Polish scientists in twinning centres and transfer of knowledge by secondment.
Visits in twinning centres to strengthen co-operation.
Organisation of conferences, workshops and other meetings.
Improvement of language skills.

Effects of the project were important - more than 30 publications in international journals, many papers in national journals and at conferences, several joint projects, resulting from co-operation within WATERNORM. Therefore we would like to point out, that very important outcome of the project is the increase of research and development potential of the Central Mining Institute.

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