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WAVES Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: 39646
Gefördert unter: FP6-MOBILITY
Land: Germany

Final Activity and Management Report Summary - WAVES (Water Vapour Exchange Study - WaVES A 3D Lagrangian Model Study of Troposphere-Stratosphere Exchange Focusing on Water Vapour)

WAVES contributed to an improved understanding of trace-gas and water vapour transport through the tropical tropopause layer (TTL). A conceptual study was conducted identifying the critical processes leading to stratospheric trace-gas concentrations. Identified processes that require future attention are the quantification of emissions in convective entrainment and the efficiency of washout processes upon particles in the TTL.

A microphysical model was developed enabling the complex processes that link sulphur concentrations to stratospheric water vapour and aerosols to be accurately modelled. As such, the tools and datasets developed in WAVES form the basis that will be able to address the future research questions of troposphere/stratosphere coupling processes in climate models and hence lead to more reliable climate predictions.

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