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Expert weaving

The textiles industry will be the greatest benefactor from newly developed, expert software. The software determines the optimum sizing conditions for weaving.
Expert weaving
Computers, through an application known as “expert system” can now take up the complex task of sizing. Expert systems are computer applications that perform tasks that otherwise would have been performed by a human expert. Expert systems are currently used in diverse areas such as for making financial predictions, controlling industrial processes and even diagnosing human illnesses. This artificially intelligent system is in principle, a translation of the rules an expert follows to make a decision in terms that a computer can understand.

Yet another industrial sector, the textiles industry, can reap the benefits of this information technology, since a European funded project has developed and tested expert software that will be applied in textile mills. The software uses a databank that contains the sizing knowledge of four different mills along with the feedback from a producer of textiles machines, a textile research institute and several size producers. The software using evolutionary strategies and the knowledge stored, can evaluate the optimum sizing conditions that are consequently fed to the sizing machines. The calculations can take into account environmental factors to minimize impact while at the same time, maximise profit. The system has also the ability to expand its knowledge by using algorithms based on neural networks, i.e. computer programmes that imitate the way our brain works.

The developed expert software has successfully undergone extensive tests at first class textile mills and the project is currently seeking industrial partners and financial support to apply and further develop this very useful and intelligent software.

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