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Old toys, new game

Interactive games have taken the world by storm. Whilst most of these 3D game platforms are fast paced, and graphically intense, few of them are educational and constructive for younger children.
Old toys, new game
Children require constructive interaction with the world around them in order to learn whilst having fun. They need diversion and diversity for they quickly become bored and restless. A newly devised game platform called ToyBooster (trademark), instigates a multiplayer, online platform that challenges both conceptual boundaries and children's interactive play, using the very toys the child has in its toy-box at home, giving new life and dimension to old favourites.

The idea is, as many good ideas often are, quite simple; add education to 3D interactive fun. Gollian Interactive, have gone a step further, expanding on this simple philosophy by affording the players the potential to create unlimited scope and possibilities within a 3D world of their own creation. ToyBooster comes with a utility called "ToyBooster World Editor", a simple to use menu that allows you to define and create obstacles, challenges, goals and even rewards within any context or scope required. Educationally, this offers unlimited scope for children to be taught a multitude of conceptual relationships between real objects and ideas. Because of its interactivity and its design potential, educational backgrounds could theoretically be constructed suitable for all stages of learning

The technology consists of a client/server based architecture, which means that interactive gaming is limited only by the amount of players logged in and by their collective creativity.

Whilst the design of this technology is in its preliminary and developmental stages, the market penetration for this technology, given the growing number of children becoming interactive, is enormous. Currently, the developers are seeking collaboration with graphic, game and software development industries that may be interested in this kind of potential.
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