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Mapping fleet control systems

Tri-faceted software features innovative combinations of statistical intelligence, information analysis and interactive computational power to provide the transport industry a tool for better fleet management and control.
Mapping fleet control systems
Motor vehicle fleet managers have a nightmarish task of having to compile logistics on hundreds of details, from vehicle maintenance, roadworthiness, status of haulage, the length of routes, the condition of vehicular components, route coordination, traffic conditions and other physical barriers and hardships. They must know the length of time traversing each route requires and of alternative routes in case of difficulties.

These problems are why an Italian company has designed the MAPfinder. Combined on three software prongs; SATfinder, PATHfinder and MARKETfinder, the MAPfinder offers unprecedented functionality for fleet commanders in gathering statistical knowledge, analysis of information and tracking of vehicles.

The SATfinder function is a GPS based operative, allowing for managers to gather information on all routes employed. It keeps current with real time positioning of vehicles along with memory stored subsidiary information such as average driving time, average speed, evaluation of distances and transfer of these logistics to the central Informative System.

Assisting this feature, the PATHfinder allows managers to plan and optimise routes by providing such information as driving time, traffic encumbrance, location of all stops, cargo carried and customer details. In addition to this, it is capable of analysing certain constraints to vehicle management such as driver availability, vehicular capacity, time constraints and route details, along with optimum sequential delivery times. Thus it automatically assigns the best work-detail for the most appropriate vehicle and driver.

Lastly, the MARKETfinder is perhaps one of the most interesting features for managers solely because it can analyse all the data above and provide a cartographical representation of all areas not covered by sales and distribution networks, along with an understanding of all the socio-economic variables connected to these regions. It is a user friendly system, adaptable to user needs and has the capacity to work with aerial photographs, satellite imagery, cartography and road networks independent of their formats.

This tool greatly simplifies the statistical overheads fleet managers wrestle with on a daily basis, not only giving them the means by which to compile more accurate information, but also a means by which to keep up to date on all vehicles. The manufacturers, Tellus S.r.l of Italy, are looking to acquire partners that could assist their expansion abroad.
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