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Bringing IP services online

Protection of Intellectual Property is a key factor in stimulating innovation and hence the European economy. The results of a recent project exploit the Internet to make Intellectual Property services easier, faster and more accessible.
Bringing IP services online
Research has shown that the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) is crucial for a healthy research and development environment. Scientists, artists and other creators need assurance that their work will not be unlawfully duplicated.

The European Union is addressing IP issues in an effort to boost European competitiveness. The European case is particularly challenging because of the diversity of IP laws already in place in the Member States. A harmonised approach must be found.

The European-funded MIPEX projects (I and II) sought to eliminate some of the bureaucracy involved with IP services. The projects brought patent offices from several European countries together with end users. The chief result is a set of common standards that take both sides of the transaction into account.

Three key services were brought online. Electronic access to IP records is up and running for all participating patent offices. The entire process of electronic renewal of IP rights is available from the UK Patent Office and will soon be available from the other offices. Electronic filing of IP applications proved the most challenging service to bring online. The work of MIPEX II led to a complete set of software requirements that will be implemented by an external provider.

Data security is a high priority for any information made available over the Internet. Public Key Infrastructure, an industry standard for data security, was implemented by an external specialist. Full implementation of IP services over the Internet will surely warrant the services of a commercial provider.

The MIPEX II participants seek to extend the experience gained from the project. In the future, the complete range of services should be provided online. Also, the full complement of patent offices across Europe should be involved. Further effort is required to streamline IP procedures and promote European innovation and competitiveness.

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