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Robotics helping industry

Robotics helps a variety of industries where processes take place in harsh environments or require precision for safety. A patented high dexterity robotic gripper developed in Italy that handles fragile objects in harsh environments could help many industries.
Robotics helping industry
Robotics is used in the medical, chemical, manufacturing, and nuclear industries for processes that require precision in very harsh environments. Other industries that also utilise robotics include radioactive waste management, environment, and offshore, materials, or underwater industries.

A patented technique developed in Italy produces multi-fingered grippers that are compact, robust, and simple to manufacture. These robotic grippers can handle fragile or soft objects because they facilitate fine contact-force control and high dexterity motion. In fact, it is these capacities that allow the robotic gripper to be utilised in robotic and prosthetic applications.

In addition, the gripper motion and the contact-force can be controlled without using sensors in the gripper. Utilising the appropriate construction materials also allows the gripper to be used in harsh environments for chemical, nuclear and underwater applications. To optimise both gripping and manipulation of the gripper, the "palm" of the device can have a miniaturised camera installed to provide close up monitoring.

Other special features of the gripper are that it is backlash and friction free, affording it a high degree of dexterity, fine motion control and capable of complex manoeuvres. The high dexterity robotic gripper has an actuation system that could be hydraulic, electrohydraulic or pneumatic. In fact, the robotic gripper's robustness and flexibility could allow its utilisation in a variety of industries.
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