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Old tyres weave new construction

A German cooperation has developed a re-cycled tyre technology product as an affordable environmental alternative for the construction and marine industry.
Old tyres weave new construction
In recent years the importance of recycling various materials has become a major concern, and many innovative enterprises have evolved in response. RINGtech® is a cooperation initiative and have developed and patented a ring-weave technology in recycled tyres.

There are over 700 million tyres produced worldwide each year and in the early 1990’s only 11 percent of them were recycled. Within 12 years that figure has now risen to about 75 percent, and recycled tyres can be found in many varied consumer and commercial applications.

The RINGtech® innovation saw initial development in 1997, and is focused on the commercial sector which is expected to grow at a rate of 20-50 percent per annum. RINGtech®'s principle application is the production of heavy-duty woven webs that can be used in waterway construction, flooding and coastal protection, civil, waste and railway construction, and sound and crash barriers.

Removing the outer edges of automobile tyres so that only the tyre-tread remains is the first step in developing the woven webs. The webs are woven using a new weaving technique that enables tyres to retain their steel inlays, such that they inherit their inbuilt mechanical strength. Due to specific properties there are 3 basic designs, which can be modified so that the tread-loops are parallel or diagonal to the edge of the web.

Following the cooperation’s application for a patent in 1998, RINGtech® further discovered additional applications within geo-technical fields including hydro-construction. The cooperation is currently offering licences for production and would be interested in a future joint venture. Further development within the construction industry is envisaged, and various contractors and partners would be welcomed.
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