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High temperature industry becomes cost-effective

The large industrial needs for both heat and electricity makes Cogeneration of Heat and Power (CHP) technologies particularly attractive. However, the introduction of such systems is still limited due to some operation aspects involved. Addressing these, the innovative TUBEK (TUrbine BEfore the Kiln approach) process offers a new approach on integrating the CHP benefits in the most energy-demanding high temperature industry.
High temperature industry becomes cost-effective
The high temperature industry, which includes ceramic, clay, tile and glass is energy intensive since high temperature heat is required for the operation of kilns and furnaces. With the adoption of CHP technologies, there is a substantial decrease in energy consumption, which may also lead to the minimisation of the corresponding negative environmental impacts. In addition, the optimised process control and high quality products constitute significant advantages that industry cannot disregard.

Nevertheless, the use of low energy content exhaust gasses and flues from industrial gas turbine cogeneration systems may initiate problems with the reliability of operation. Such a case is the accurate control of the temperature fields inside the kiln, when using different of mixtures of flue-gases, preheated air and fuel to reach various temperature levels as required by the firing process. In order to answer these needs TUBEK was developed under an NNE-JOULE C project (see related offer) and it has greatly evolved since then.

The key objective of the TUBEK process has been the cost-efficient application of CHP in the high temperature industry. After successful implementation of the project concept, a full-scale demonstration plant of 1.1MWel was built and has been operating since April 2002. The already derived results present a 15% reduction in the total energy (fuel and electricity) costs. While TUBEK may be applied in the heavy clay industry worldwide, R&D is still required for its implementation in the tile and glass industry. For more info please visit the site:
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