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Novel fail-safe floodlight technology

A floodlight capable of continuing to offer illumination even after the first filament breaks down has been invented. A Spanish inventor has developed the novel system, which relies on a multi-filament approach to compensate for the failure of the fist in case of breaking, blowing-out or exhausting.
Novel fail-safe floodlight technology
These new light bulbs employ double, triple or even multiple filaments. If an illumination failure should occur, the system relies on an electronic circuit that detects the problem and then shifts to the spare light element. When this happens, a pilot light indicating that a filament is being substituted, is switched on automatically. The required voltage is inserted with an analogical-digital converter. This processes the signal and determines the exact problem at which point the secondary lamp begins to operate.

There are several advantages to this new system. The multi-filament innovation can actually increase the life-time of the lamp as well as guarantee illumination through the use of the second filament. In addition to the low cost there is at least a 50% reduction in maintenance expenses.

The technology is ecologically friendly since less material needs to be recycled. Perhaps the system's greatest advantage is its vast applicability since it can be employed with any device or mechanism using electricity. This makes it useful for traffic lights, security systems, hospitals and in cars all in which permanent lighting is needed to ensure safety. Patents covering the technology have already been applied for and prototypes are available for demonstration to potential industrial licensing partners.
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