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A spring loaded exercise

Exercise, vital for good health, has taken the world by storm, opening a floodgate of machines and gadgets that both assist and strengthen one's regimen. One area of concern that is usually neglected due to its high-impact requirements is that of the abdominal muscles.
A spring loaded exercise
There are literally hundreds of machines on the market that purport to assist one in the development of abdominal muscles. Many have been developed with the alleviation of lower back and neck muscle strains during such activity. A newly developed machine, now changes tract, and assists the development of abdominal muscles during a primary activity traditionally not focused on this area at all.

The device, called the "Up-Grader" is of a simple construction. It's a compact bar of adjustable height so as to fit all sizes of people. It has a spring-loaded surface attached to the bar. Uniquely, this device is used, not as an isolated activity, but rather whilst one is doing push-ups. In order to complete the push-up, one must employ the abdominal muscle to overcome the spring-loaded tension. Thus, while working on other muscle groups, the abdominal muscles are also used, thus avoiding any potential strain on back muscles commonly associated with regular sit-ups.

Moreover, the Up-Grader can be used in a variety of calisthenic activities providing coverage for a wide scope of muscular development. Prototypes have been tested with a variety of sporting experts with highly successful reviews. Currently the developers are looking for collaborators who can conduct marketing and production.
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