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OptiPark- an alternative in-vehicle parking-meter

OptiPark is an in-vehicle electronic system, which is loadable through the Internet without any requirements on software or hardware installation, designed to offer increased flexibility in paying parking-fees.
OptiPark- an alternative in-vehicle parking-meter
Alternatively to off-street parking meters, vending machines or pay-and-display options, the OptiPark does not require any expensive installation, maintenance and utilisation. It is a credit-card-size token that can be easily carried and used with no specialised hardware and software required. Additionally, no outdoor parking-meter infrastructure or any other machines for loading pre-paid parking time are any longer necessary.

OptiPark is loaded from any PC through optical wireless communication, by accessing a specific website where user authentication and selection of pre-paid amount of money are performed. After this procedure, the user activates the token upon parking and selects the desired city and parking zone, which is deactivated upon return to the car. During parking time the OptiPark token is visible for parking attendants for checking valid remaining time.

Parking results involve city, zone, time and total fees that are directly transferable to specific accounts via a clearing centre or any USB port on a PC with Internet access. The technology features increased user-friendliness for users as there is no need for carrying change, buying parking cards/vouchers or loading/unloading other token systems. Without any requirements on physical infrastructure it may be easily deployed and additionally, it is loadable from any PC anywhere and at any time.

OptiPark is a patent pending technology designed for increased securing in data transfer by simple projection from any PC monitor to the optic reader token. It is offered for integration and commercialisation by a technology system integrator for municipalities and/or regional authorities.
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