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An integrated database application platform for you

A new integrated database application platform that is open for other languages and permits highly flexible data manipulation has been developed.
An integrated database application platform for you
The development and deployment of server-side applications is an important area in IT business and research today. The most common standard application used for application development is the fixed multi-tier model. Unfortunately, with the steady increase of requirements such as excessive communication, repeating data transformation between the tiers and synchronisation, problems such as stability and fault tolerance are rising.

Thus, a German software company has designed a database information system for its special computer language that makes building complex data-oriented applications possible. Additionally, the platform is also open for other languages and allows flexible data manipulation. Other functions are persistent storage, incremental backups, cold recovery and history functions. Essentially, this innovative programming language combines the procedural and object-oriented functions of traditional languages with the set-oriented features of SQL and moves them a step beyond.

The new "U4" runtime environment is a complete database server. It can efficiently implement multiple functions in a single-core platform. Through this type of streamlining, a database server also acts as an application server, getting rid of problems having to do with multi-tier architectures. Because of its uniform archicture, the "U4" has a significant advantage over conventional application platforms (CAP). Also, "U4" programs are written in the company's innovative computer language "u", in which the business logic is data-oriented and can never be violated. The "U4" database server is an integrated source code/version that can be modified concurrently by numerous developers in their own sessions. The software company is seeking a joint venture agreement to co-develop a marketable product and participate in its results.
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