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Maintaining pet oral hygiene ultrasonically

An ultrasonic toothbrush for pets has been designed by an Israeli SME. It uses a mechanical piezoelectric engine which is able to generate high frequency micro vibrations that the animal cannot feel.
Maintaining pet oral hygiene ultrasonically
Proper oral hygiene protects pets from severe medical problems that arise from unhealthy oral bacteria as well as lesser problems such as halitosis. Thus dental health care is a branch of veterinary medicine that is gaining importance. Since pet owners are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits associated with dental cleaning for their pets, veterinary clinics provide dental scaling as a routine treatment. Also special toothpastes and teeth cleaning instruments for pets are becoming more common.

Halitosis is a common complaint of those with household cats and dogs. Furthermore, it can signal the beginning of periodontal disease and even organ disease resulting from bacteria entering the bloodstream. A main cause of such health problems is dental infections that go untreated.

The mechanical piezoelectric engine of this novel toothbrush generates high frequency micro vibrations that the animal cannot feel and also cannot be heard by neither humans nor pets. Also the ultrasonic waves cause mouth flora to separate, interrupting the bacterial colonisation process within the periodontal pocket and the mucus membranes of the oral cavity. This dual action is very effective in preserving good pet mouth hygiene.

Strategic partners such as developers of dental products, veterinary products or medical devices are sought to conduct clinical trials and bring the product to market.
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