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Innovative technology for dental and orthopaedic implants

Bone implants made of titanium or titanium alloys are widely used in orthopaedics and dentistry to treat irreversible damages of teeth, bones or joints. New developments in the field now focus not just on the toxicity of the used materials, but also on their bioactivity.
Innovative technology for dental and orthopaedic implants
Biocompatible and biodegradable materials used in biomedical applications should exhibit the necessary biomechanical properties for the intended purpose, such as strength and bio-tolerance. However, due to their bio-inertia they show poor interfacial bonding between the metallic surface and the surrounding bone. This introduces a risk in implant operations since the healing process may be complicated by infections, dislocations or similar problems.

The surfaces of implants are critical in determining their performances. Implant technologies involve modifying the titanium surface of permanent implants and the use of modified surfaces. In an effort to mimic nature, Israeli and French scientists have developed a novel coating solution, which allows the inclusion of bioactive molecules into the coatings without affecting crystal deposition.

The coating comprises both an organic and an inorganic component. The organic component contains multiple polyelectrolyte films, whereas the bioactive particles are contained in the inorganic crystalline structure, which is grown within the organic component. The implant is immersed in different solutions in a certain order through an easily scaled up procedure.

The raw materials used as well the coating processes are inexpensive. The coatings show good mechanical attachment to the substrate surface and their in vitro and in vivo biological tests gave excellent results.

This application which mimics natural systems finds its application in coated bone or tooth implants and is expected to replace non-coated applications. This will lead to faster implant bone integration period, lower costs, less transplantation complications and safer materials. Manufacturers of dental surgical products and/or orthopaedic surgical products are sought for licence agreements.
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