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PROMITHEAS-2 — Result In Brief

Project ID: 31444
Funded under: FP6-INCO
Country: Greece

Climate policy heads to the Black Sea

An EU-funded initiative advanced efforts to develop a global climate policy network with Europe at its nucleus. Project outcomes promoted the cause of climate change and supported third countries in addressing the phenomenon.
Climate policy heads to the Black Sea
Global cooperation is crucial for establishing a viable network for climate policy. The EU-funded project 'EU-BSEC energy and climate policy network' (Promitheas-2) brought together research organisations to mobilise knowledge of different regions and jointly tackle climate change. In addition to EU Member States, the project included Candidate Member States and third countries. It outlined priorities for international cooperation and encouraged training, in addition to disseminating information to stakeholders and scientists.

Several meetings and workshops took place to help realise the objectives of the project and monitor progress. In particular, many of these workshops were hosted in countries around the Black Sea to enhance cooperation with the region, especially in the field of hydrocarbon energy. The workshops also examined relevant socioeconomic issues of these countries.

To encourage joint research in the future, Promitheas-2 facilitated movement of human capital and encouraged transfer of knowledge among partners. International collaboration was boosted by visits from potential partners to encourage their participation in the project and involvement in the final conference.

With respect to dissemination of results, in addition to conducting seminars and publishing material on the subject the project also established a website on energy and climate policy. Many publications were translated into Russian as well in order to increase the impact in target countries around the Black Sea.

Lastly, four scientific awards were granted to articles published as part of the project in order to motivate participation in the project and garner support for its cause. A proposal to continue research in this direction may see similar initiatives that can advance the results of Promitheas-2 even further.

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