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HYPER — Result In Brief

Project ID: 39028
Funded under: FP6-SUSTDEV

On the fast track to green energy availability

Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies can provide cheap and environmentally friendly power for industries and individuals. Standardising safety regulations and procedures for installers should enhance commercialisation of such technologies, providing a fast-track to installation of small, stationary, renewable energy-based power systems.
On the fast track to green energy availability
While reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a major European goal, gaps and deficiencies in current regulations, codes and standards (RCS) have inhibited the widespread installation of small stationary hydrogen and fuel cell systems that could provide cheap and environmentally friendly energy to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and homes.

the aim of the EU-funded ‘Installation permitting guidance for hydrogen and fuel cells stationary applications’ (Hyper) project was to develop a comprehensive stakeholder agreed installation process for developers, design engineers, manufacturers and installers across the European Union.

the researchers identified problem areas in current RCS as well as case studies for risk assessment to guide modelling and experimental work. They produced a comprehensive database to be used in preparing and evaluating the installation permitting guide (IPG) and evaluated the installations selected for case studies. Following that, team members carried out modelling and experimental work to fill in knowledge gaps related to hydrogen release, dispersion and combustion phenomena, among others.

the investigators completed the IPG after extensive consultation with and feedback from the various stakeholders to ensure synergies among European approaches. They distributed a CD ROM and developed an interactive website for technical stakeholders as well as an executive guide to the IPG for potential users who may not be interested in all the details of the full guide.

the IPG provides a fast-track means of safety and procedural approval for hydrogen and fuel cell installations. Thus, it facilitates commercialisation of these technologies and should enhance their use by industry and individuals, providing cheap and environmentally friendly energy for stationary power applications.

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