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L4S Result In Brief

Project ID: 225634
Funded under: FP7-SECURITY
Country: Greece

Security 'games' to increase European well-being

Modelling software has enabled managers in the transport industry to prepare for possible crises and manage them more effectively if they arise.
Security 'games' to increase European well-being
Today's modern and dynamic transport sector is full of unpredictable developments and events that are beyond our control, requiring a more effective and innovative way to managing unexpected crises. The EU-funded project 'Learning 4 security' (L4S) identified novel ways to support business managers and the sector's personnel in developing the most ideal crisis management skills.

Taking the air and sea transportation sectors as a starting point, the project created simulation-based learning experiences to improve crisis management and the crisis readiness of organisations. It designed advanced simulation games to improve cognitive abilities, attitudes and skills to act under extreme time pressure and handle lack of information. The approach also focused on interpersonal relationships in addition to dealing with human attitudes and emotions that arise in crisis situations.

In effect, the project team created a strong online platform featuring a knowledge base and an active virtual learning community related to crisis management and security issues. It developed an experience-based learning framework that fosters collaboration skills for crisis managers. Specifically, the project's outcomes featured four simulation games that are ideal for educational and organisational environments.

These new learning experiences are intended to train security managers and crisis managers in organisations, particularly in the transportation sector. They prepare organisations for security or crisis situations and test their readiness, in addition to auditing organisations in this respect. Another important use of the simulation games is to conduct research on the impact of different responses on the public or on the overall effects of the security incident.

Deploying the L4S simulation-based learning experiences can upgrade security measures and crisis management training in critical infrastructures. Greater preparedness and more effective collaboration in managing security incidents can minimise damage to property and life threats, reduce insurance claims and drive down the costs of security measures. It will also help restore order more rapidly, maintain public confidence and foster both economic and political stability.

The project's results have been disseminated to stakeholders through direct contacts, conferences, workshops, press releases, publications and online means. If this modelling technology is fully exploited in the future, it could contribute significantly to raising the level of security in Europe. This would be a positive and welcome development for the continent and its citizens.

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